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Updated: Feb 24, 2021


Below you will find the company structure, competitive analysis, target market, analysis of digital properties for Christopher Wallace Network (CWN), along with five long-tail phrases, and why they were chosen.

Section 1: Business Concept Overview

Fort Worth’s Finest Films (FWFF) Production Studio powered by Christopher Wallace Network (CWN) is an all-encompassing full-service production studio. They provide commercial, short film, feature film, music video, training/instructional video production to small, midsized, and even large companies. Their goal is to help companies build their business revenue by 10 – 20 percent by coming what they consider family. That’s what makes their business unique. Their clients feel like family before, during, and while they are working with them to complete the project/s.

· Business Location: Fort Worth, TX – Online & Brick & Mortar

· Specific Products/Services Offered and Pricing – Production pricing is based on the needs of each individual project.

Section 3: Target Market

Customer Segment 1:

Primary Segment (Individuals and Small to Mid-Sized Businesses’):

· Demographics: Fort Worth’s Finest Films operates in a city with a population of roughly 909,585. The median income for the county is $60,738, with the median age of 34, with 10.1% holding a graduate and professional degree (Unknown, n.d.).

· Geographics: My market will be the small to mid-size businesses in this are locally. Then, move to national and globally.

· Interests: The main interest for FWFF is to bring stories to life in the best interest of the client within its own location or on site.

· Behaviors: There are a specific group of individuals looking to bring their visions to life on an independent level, group, or business wise with creative aspects to their vision.

· Hobbies: Hobbies of the creators tend to evolve around a love for art, content creation, and food. They want their stories or the lives and stories of others to be told in a compelling way.

· Activities: The activities of these individuals and these businesses evolve around being in studios creating or working on ways to better their business to draw in more clientele.

Secondary Segment: (Big Business):

· Demographics: 39% of filmmakers work full-time roles while 61% work Par-Time (Sokanu, 2021). The 61% will be who’s hired to freelance for most major corporate/big business projects.

· Geographics: The graphics for big businesses are those with over 2,000 employees looking for commercial, training, and instructional style production.

· Interests: The interest that the working for a big business will be how they can work safely, productively, effectively, and efficiently.

· Behaviors: The behavior of these people will be of high intelligence, well organized, and have an acute knowledge of their business, business, structure, and their target market.

· Hobbies: The hobbies of these employees are of a vast majority of things. Anywhere from hunting, bowling, to golf can be observed. The possibilities are endless.

· Activities: Activities of the focus driven best describes this group of people. They will be focused on revenue, production, and safety growth. They’ll have a healthy and wealthy consciousness about them.

Section 4: Digital Properties and Keyword Strategy

Social Media Accounts:

External e-commerce accounts: None

Mailing lists, newsletter subscription Lists: Constant contact, Web portal newsletter sign up option (email).

The optimizing techniques that FWFF and CWN will use to increase and identify its SEO will be to direct people to its website. There they will find simple easy to read and simple to navigate buttons that lead to our content. This will entice them to want to click on our social media sites and join our family of followers that enjoy our content as well. In addition to staying up to date and current on the technologies that power the company also keeping up with the keyword searches that are being used will keep them at the top of the google list. Weekly content primarily videos will be uploaded to both the website and YouTube that are easily integrated between both to increase the traffic flow.

Five long-tail phrases:

1. Fort worth’s finest – This long tail phrase will lead to the landing page on the website.

2. Realest reels – This long tail phrase is the slogan that will be used for the production company and found on the website.

3. Fort Worth filmmaker – Since the keyword filmmaking is lacking in my local region as this word becomes more prevalent through consistent content FWFF and CWN will move to the top of the search engines ties to GPS location searches.

4. CWN cinematographer – CWN is a rare search for any studio or production company making it easier to move to the top of any SEO utilized.

5. FWFF production – By using the acronyms in combination with what the clients might be looking for not only does it maximize the chance of potential clients and customers finding the company it limits pulling up the wrong keywords.

These long tail phrases were chosen based on the services that the company provides. Also, the name/or names represented in the company name/logo. Most competitors have not thought of or considered these long-tail phrases or slogans.

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Below you will find the campaign objective for Christopher Wallace Network (CWN). Included will be the marketing channels, content strategy, and a mockup. It will be focused on increasing the awareness of the brand for the business. You will see the three digital marketing channels chosen in their campaign and a traditional channel. Next, will be the different types of content that will appeal to the customers. Finally, is the mockup/example of the type of content that will be used on the three platforms.

Section 5: Campaign Objective

This campaign’s objective is to increase awareness of CWN and the product/service offerings over the next one-year of campaigning. This campaign will use various video projects to introduce the network/production company to individuals, small to mid-sized, and large businesses offering our services first in the local region then expanding to a national region using YouTube, SEO to draw traffic to its very own website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and traditional word of mouth advertising with some traditional radio broadcasting.

Section 6: Marketing Channels


YouTube will be an essential part of CWN’s marketing strategy. “Google owns YouTube which has about 70% of the search engine market” (Broersma, 2018). YouTube for a small production company is a free marketing/advertising platform that is still an untapped market for the most part. CWN can use YouTube to display some of their behind-the-scenes video footage of their projects which can in turn funnel traffic to its website for more viewing or contact info. Since YouTube is owned by Google it will help increase CWN’s SEO, which in return increases the clicks on their website. They can keep customers and visitors engaged with their marketing efforts and encourage repeat visits by posting videos once a week. These videos can be of a wide variety, ranging from behind-the-scenes videos to skits/short films to keep customers/clients, potential customers/clients engaged, entertained, and active with the company.


CWN is in business to tell stories. Whether they’re telling their own stories, customers/clients’ stories, an artist’s story, or a company’s story, they are in business to tell stories. “With over 700 million monthly users on the platform, Instagram offers this small business a huge potential audience. Photos are the most-engaging content on the Web, with visual posts producing 650% higher engagement than text only posts” (Hughes, 2020). Therefore, making Instagram a great platform to help build its network, following, and business. By consistently posting pictures at least three times a week this will help keep CWN on people’s minds by providing branded content. There will be a link to CWN’s YouTube page under their profile on Instagram. Instagram is centered around storytelling, making it the best social media site to share pictures on. This will allow for them to showcase the facility that will be available for customers/clients to utilize for their very own projects.


CWN’s LinkedIn platform will give followers a good opportunity to get to know the company and its employees on a more personal level. Using LinkedIn, the company will give more insight and detail into who the employees actually are, who/what they like personally, and what it is that they do with/for the company. Also, on LinkedIn the company will give value to their followers by demonstrating what it is they do and how they do it to get to and end result of a video. This way the followers are not only getting to know and understand the company, but they are also building a relationship with them while adding value to them simultaneously. By CWN being on LinkedIn this once again helps improve ranking of their SEO. Posting on LinkedIn’s main focus will be to drive traffic to the CWN website.

Word of Mouth (Traditional)

Building relationships, the old fashion way is still the best form of marketing on the planet. Word of mouth advertising builds stronger bonds and everlasting customers if cultivated correctly. CWN will host and attend networking events in order to make themselves well known in and around the community. “According to Nelsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising” (Whitler, 2014). After creating a once in a lifetime experience with the customers/clients that work with CWN they will give a survey to complete then asked to record or be recorded giving a brief testimonial of their experience with the company that will then be used for reels, commercial, and other forms of branding within the company. Customer/clients will also be asked to give referrals of friends and family that might be interested in their services as well as recommending to the customer/client to refer them to their friends and family. “If people are not talking about you, they are forgetting about you” as John Moore so eloquently put it (Whitler, 2014).

This is the YouTube mockup of a book signing party that is used to draw in potential clients to the website that is linked to the YouTube channel. This video is “Out Now”! The more views, likes, comments, and subscriptions received the better traffic influx into the website.

This Instagram mockup will display a video that will be a teaser type video that will instruct that if the viewer wants to watch more then they will have to click the link in the bio. This link can and will take them to either CWN’s YouTube page or their website.

LinkedIn post will help build a network of professionals that may want to do business with CWN. This clientele will be of those that actually own company’s or those that PR for a company looking to have videos produced for their corporations/company’s.


The beauty and benefit of utilizing these platforms and tools for marketing are that they are free and do not add to CWN’s budget costs. The only digital platform they pay for is the upkeep of their own business website. The links to their social media are already integrated into their website to take the followers their and vice-versa from social media to their website. This is CWN’s campaign objective to increase awareness and the product/service offerings over the next one-year of campaigning.


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Below you will find the integrated marketing strategy, marketing budgets, KPIs and analytics for Christopher Wallace Network (CWN). In the integrated marketing section will be the use of the integrated marketing communications strategy for sending a consistent message to their target audience, the timing of the messages so they operate to support each other and the potential reach to customers/clients. The campaign budget will consist of a year-long marketing budget for the campaign. Then, the best metric for each of the marketing channels activities used to accomplish CWNs objective will be shown. Finally, the analytics will illustrate how they will measure and assess the campaign’s success.

Section 9: Integrated Marketing Strategy

The target market for CWN is those looking for their story to be told well visually and with value. Their marketing strategy will be strategic and systematic. The Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube posts will all be a teaser for the target audience in order to draw them to the website, to get them to get a free consultation for the service that they would like to utilize. The message will be that CWN has its own studio space, the equipment, and the resources in order to make a quality product for client to use in order to upgrade the value of their business or product. Each message, photo, or video that will be posted according to its scheduled time will be of the current project leading up to its final release. This way the client or customer will also know that progress is being made towards their final production. The timing will be strategic in that it will be a continuous process of preproduction work being documented for the client and CWNs target market to see. The same timed strategic process will be streamlined for production and the postproduction processes. This process will have potential customers/clients inquiring about what is going on and how they can be a part of what’s going on/or how they can do the same or similar for themselves.

Majority of my campaigning will be free marketing and advertising because of the platforms that will be used along with the methods. The 5% of the budget in the pie chart represents the dollar amount out of the budget that will be spent to maintain the website each month for an entire year. 13% of the budget set aside for marketing and advertising for a year will be used to boost CWNs postings to a wider potential target market outside of its current or active followers/connections/subscribers. Next 40% out of this budget is for a one-time fee per year that affords CWN the opportunity to be a part of the Dallas Producers Association (DPA). This will give them added resources for additional talent and crew for various projects along with unlimited access to networking events that are hosted by DPA throughout the year. Finally, 42% of the networking and marketing budget is set aside for CWN to host its own networking event once a month every month for the year.

Section 11: KPIs


Objective Focus: Add subscribers and increase awareness.

Objective: Increase number of potential clients/customers over the next 12 months

Goal: To use YouTube to increase awareness of the services offered by the business as well as subscribers on the channel.

KPI: 1923.07 subscribers per week

Target: 100,000 subscribers


Objective Focus: Increasing awareness of studio/office space.

Objective: Post pictures/video of associates as well as location space for use.

Goal: Have potential clients/customers wanting to come tour our facility/schedule consultations for service.

KPI: 400.64 followers per week

Target: 250,000 followers


Objective Focus: Increase awareness, clients, and network of professionals.

Objective: To expand my presence network on LinkedIn.

Goal: Add connections, business/personal clients/customers, and build a personal connection with our target markets.

KPI: 9.6 connections per week

Target: 500+ connections

Word of Mouth (Traditional Marketing)

Objective Focus: Increase the number of potential people to do business with.

Objective: To keep CWN on the hearts and minds of everyone and to become a household name

Goal: Have a contacts list potential clients/customer to follow up with for building purposes

KPI: 2 professional references/connections per week.

Target: Build a network of professionals. Both business owners and creatives.

Section 12: Analytics

CWN will measure and monitor their campaigns’ success through each of the digital platforms used. The only one that will have to be tracked and monitored manually is their traditional form of marketing. YouTube has its own analytical tracking within the platform which will be notated and handled by CWNs marketing department manager. The IG page is the same as YouTube and will be monitored by the same department or person. Instagram’s analytics is only made possible by CWN operating as a business page. CWNs business website is on the WIX platform which tracks its visitor analytics, this will assist with knowing how the campaign is doing, because the goal of all of the other digital marketing is to draw traffic into the website. The word-of-mouth marketing will be tracked and kept the old fashion way of pen and paper then transferred to an Excel spreadsheet for digital tracking by the MDM.


The analytics will illustrate how they will measure and assess the campaign’s success.

A key factor will be to have one or more of CWNs video’s go viral. This will help increase the number of followers, connections, and subscribers. With the variety of content that will be created this will be highly effective towards accomplishing the campaigns goals and makes it more of highly accomplishable factor. While this would be great for CWN they are not counting/depending on it happening, they are counting on their marketing strategy set in place to become a success. CWNs marketing budget is at 10% of its sales.

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